Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Religious Education


Our School Prayer

Our School Prayer 1

We are a WELCOME community

We are a WELCOME community 1

We are a WELFARE community

We are a WELFARE community 1

We are a WORD OF GOD community

We are a WORD OF GOD community 1

We are a WORSHIP community

We are a WORSHIP community 1

We are a WITNESS community

We are a WITNESS community 1

'Come and See' Yearly Overview

'Come and See' Yearly Overview 1

'Come and See' Yearly Overview - Printable version

Our Year 6 Pupil Chaplains are:









We are blessed to have such a great team to help promote the Catholic faith in our school. 


Wednesday Word


Each week, our children share the Wednesday Word in class and we hope you are enjoying sharing it with your child/children. 


Please let us know your thoughts on this - your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.



Here are a list of the Wednesday Words.

Here are a list of the Wednesday Words. 1

Little Way Week

Little Way Week 1

This week (w/c 1.10.18) we celebrated Little Way Week and did little acts of kindness that made a big difference. We learnt about St Therese and saw what we can do to get an extra smile.

To represent this, the children wrote down any acts of kindness that they saw. Eventually, we ended up with a garden of love.





Our Little Way Week Prayer 



Help me to do these every day.

Help me to show love in all I do,

So I may grow more like you.

Cafod Harvest Fast Day - Friday, 5th October 2018

On Friday 5th October we all tried to brighten up the harvest by holding a non-uniform day and bringing donations to school for Cafod. We raised £60!

Cafod can continue to work with the poorest communities because of our donations and together we can help to build a brighter world, free from extreme poverty.

Harvest collective worship

On Monday 15th October we held this collective worship in school and invited our parents to join us.

Picture 1

Sacramental Programme 2018/19

This year's Sacramental Programme started with a meeting for the children and their parents/carers on the 15th November. The children were then presented at the parish Mass at Our Lady's on Sunday 18th November. 

Picture 1
The First Holy Communion Mass will be held on Sunday 19th May 2019 at Our Lady's Church at 9:30am. Dates for the preparation meetings for First Holy Communion will be decided in the new year. 

Remembrance 2018

Remembrance 2018 1
Remembrance 2018 2

The children who came to prayer group each made a cross to represent one of the soldiers who was killed in the WW1 from our local area. We placed these crosses on the hill near the entrance to our school during a short prayer service.

The pupil chaplains also made a ceramic poppy to represent each of these soldiers. These poppies were then presented during our Remembrance Mass in church as the names of the men were read out.

Some of these poppies have been given to the families of these men. Each child in school made a poppy which was then attached to a class wreath, which was also presented in our Remembrance Mass.

Advent 2018

Advent 2018 1

Monday 3rd December - We held a crib service in school as we set up our crib.

Tuesday 4th December - We all went to church for a whole school Advent Mass.

Tuesday 11th December - Year 5 pupils attended St Alban's church to take part in a Christmas concert with other primary schools. 

Tuesday 11th December - Year 4 pupils went to Eachstep Care Home to spread some Christmas joy by singing some carols and making angels with the residents.

Thursday 13th/Friday 14th December - KS1 Nativity.

Tuesday 18th December - KS2 Christmas service in church.

Throughout Advent, three Posadas have been visiting the homes of some of our children. The children take Mary and Joseph home each night and look after them as they journey to Bethlehem.

Advent angels

Advent angels 1
Our pupil chaplains made lots of Advent angels and hid them around school for the children to find. We hope your child has brought one home and shared the Advent message with you.

Thank you

Father Ged asked for our help. He wants to make some hampers for people in our parish who may be lonely at Christmas. Once again, your generosity in providing food donations for these hampers has been amazing. Many thanks. 

Monday 7th January

Today we gathered in the hall to celebrate the special feast day of the Epiphany (which actually took place on Sunday 6th January). We remembered the visit of the Wise men as they came to worship Jesus. 

We reflected on what we want to be in 2019 to ensure that we are living life to the full. We prayed that God will shine His light on our fears, show us how we can work together and lift our hearts with joy.

Picture 1

Come and See RE Themes for Spring Term 2019

7.1 - 1.2   - CHURCH - Local Church


4.2 - 8.3   - SACRAMENTS - Eucharist


11.3 - 15.3   - OTHER FAITHS WEEK - Islam

18.3 - 17.4   - CHRISTIAN LIVING   - Lent/Easter


Whole school Masses Spring Term 2019

Friday 25th January - Conversion of St Paul

Tuesday 12th February - Theme to be confirmed

Wednesday 6th March - Ash Wednesday Mass

Monday 15th April - Palm Sunday Mass

Welcome back! There are no After School Clubs week commencing 7th - 11th January 2019.