Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Class 4

Welcome to Year 4's Class page.


Our Lady's School is a caring family, where, with Jesus in our hearts, we value everyone and encourage them to be the best that they can be.

Here is some general information to help you with our school and class routines: 

  • Mrs. Wilkinson is your class teacher. Mr. Gill is our Teaching Assistant. 
  • Our P.E. lesson is on Friday. You will need to come in to school in your PE kit (this could be anything suitable to do P.E. in such as tracksuits, leggings and trainers etc.). You do not need to bring in your school uniform.
  • Homework: At the moment, we are focusing on reading, spellings and times tables. Please access it through Seesaw ,Edshed and GetEpic.
  • Reading: Try to read regularly. Access a range of books using our GetEpic code and Accelerated Reading resources. Home readers and Accelerated Reading books can go home. Please bring your book bags with your home reader and accelerated reader to school every day. Reading records will be kept in school for now. Books will be usually changed on Thursdays.
  • Times tables: Please keep up with your times tables practice. At the moment we are focusing on revising all our times tables upto 12 x 12 and particularly practising our 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 times tables.
  • English: 'Folk tales'. We will be writing our own folk tales based on the given plot structure.
  • Topic: Hunted : Our lead subjects are Science and Design and Technology.
  • R.E. Our next topic is 'God's People'.
  • RHE: We are not the same. 
  • Maths: We have been learning how to round decimals to the nearest whole number. We will be moving on to addition and subtraction of decimals and solving one and two-step problems. We've also been practising our times tables and mental maths using LBQ.
  • Music- Mr. Buchanan is our Ukulele teacher. We have Ukulele lessons every Thursday in the hall from 10:40 am.


Summer Spectacular

We've had an amazing day ! 

Our final outcome: Pizzas - DT

Everyone enjoyed making and eating the pizzas! A massive thank you yet again to Mrs. Appleby for everything!E

Our first trial - Healthy Pizzas!

On Tuesday, the 29th of June, we made our own pizzas based on the Eatwell plate. We used a combination of wholemeal and white flour to try out the difference. There was a range of toppings such as pepperoni, salami, ham, spinach, rocket , peppers and Mozzarella! 

We enjoyed making and tasting our pizzas! It was amazing! A big thank you to Mrs. Appleby for all her help and advice!

Summer2 Topic - Hunted

In Design and Technology, we have been tasting a variety of food items such as Chorizo, Hommus, olives, Quorn chicken, pineapple, salami, olives, Mozzarella, Feta chese , sun-dried tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, rocket and baby spinach, red, yellow and orange peppers, wholemeal pitta bread, Tiger bread and prawns.

We have been using descriptive vocabulary to analyse the texture, smell, taste and appearance. We really enjoyed our tasting session and many of us tried things we had never had before! We are now looking forward to planning our own healthy dish.

Question and Answer session with Mrs. Appleby- Thursday, 10th June

A big thank you to Mrs. Appleby who answered all our questions about school menus, healthy eating , allergies , ingredients, recipes and more! We learnt a 

lot and really enjoyed discussing 'food'! 

Summer 1 Topic: Water , Water Everywhere!

Our lead subjects are - History, Geography, Science and Art and Design.

We will be learning about rivers and the water cycle in Geography. In History, we will be exploring the ancient civilisation - 'Ancient Egyptians' and focusing on the River Nile. In Art and Design, we will be creating our own 'sea' paintings inspired by the famous artists and painters Constable and Hokusai. In Science, we will be learning about 'Solids, Liquids and Gases'.

End of Unit- Our Art Outcomes on Canvas

We were inspired by the artwork of Hokusai, Constable and Monet to create our own 'water-themed' paintings on canvas. We used lots of different materials like sand, PVA glue, pastels and paints to create a range of textures. It was fun exploring and experimenting with a range of media. We also evaluated our paintings in our book and reflected on what we could do better. 

Overall it was a fun and exciting process and we are all very proud of our final outcomes! Well done to everyone!

Our Water themed Artwork

Year 4's walk to River Darwen at Ewood Park - 29.4.21

On the 29th of April, Year 4 went on a Geography fieldwork trip (walk) following the River Darwen to Ewood Park. Our class thoroughly enjoyed the walk and sketched many interesting things on the way. We will be comparing our sketches with the aerial images of the area to annotate some of the places and things we sketched. We all had a fantastic time! A big thank you to Mrs. Hughes for accompanying our class!


Spring 2 Topic: The Art of Food

Our Art and Design outcome was to draw still life pictures of  'food' based on Renoir and Cezanne's artwork. We have used different grades of pencils  and charcoal to create our drawings. Hope you like them!

Topic : The Art of Food

Our Science outcome was to create posters on how to look after our teeth.

Here are the children with their amazing posters and dazzling smiles!

Design an Easter Egg competition:

Winner: Zack

Runner-up: Mila


A big well done to everyone who took part!

Holy Week Celebrations

The Story of Palm Sunday

Servant King
The Last Supper

Garden of Gethsemane

We created the Garden of Gethsemane using sticks, stones, twigs and flowers from our school ground. We enjoyed having our lesson outdoor. When we drew our pebbles, we thought about Jesus being all alone and how he must have felt.