Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Roman Catholic Primary School

Let no one ever come to us without leaving feeling better and happier.

Religious Education


Our Lady's School is a caring family where, with Jesus in our hearts,

we value everyone and encourage them to be the best that they can be.

Mission Statement Morning

Caritas Ambassadors
Our Caritas Ambassadors  work hard to promote our Mission Statement and the Catholic life of our school. They come from our year 4 and year 5 classes. They are representatives who feel strongly when things happen that are not fair.  They really care about other people.  They want to make the world and our local area a better place and they enjoy working in a team.  They enjoy thinking of ways to help others and are willing to put love and faith into action.  They actively encourage others to share ideas and join in.  They have a busy year ahead of them and they all bring their own unique qualities to the role. Please keep them in your prayers.

Our School Prayer

Christmas celebrations 2023

Queen of the May. 16.5.23.

This year, to celebrate May being a month to worship Mary we shared prayers, followed Mary in a procession and brought flowers from home to present to Mary.  Thank you to all of our families, staff and children who made this a lovely celebration.

Our journey through Holy Week. 2023

This year, our wonderful year 5 students delivered activities which have allowed us all to gather, listen and reflect upon the events of Holy Week.  The children visited various focal points  around school  where we waved palm leaves to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem and cleaned our shoes as Jesus washed the disciples feet.  We reflected upon sad times as Jesus was alone in the garden and  we shared food and considered our experiences of special meals as Jesus had His Last Supper.  We made crosses as Jesus died on the cross and heard of His Resurrection.  We all enjoyed a chocolate Easter egg!

Thank you to our Year 5 pupils.

The Nativity story December 2020.

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Our Work for Remembrance Day 11.11.20.

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'Come and See' RE Curriculum. Yearly overview

'Come and See' Yearly Overview - Printable version

Wednesday Word


Each week, our children share the Wednesday Word in class and we hope you are enjoying sharing it with your child/children. 


Please let us know your thoughts on this - your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.



Our Little Way Week Prayer 



Help me to do these every day.

Help me to show love in all I do,

So I may grow more like you.

We are a WELCOME community. We WELCOME new children, families and all visitors, showing them that they are entering a friendly happy place where children follow the ways of Jesus by loving, valuing and respecting each other.

We are a WORD OF GOD community. The WORD of God is placed at the centre of all that we do, following Diocesan guidelines and an enhanced curriculum that allows pupils to celebrate the word of God in an interesting and fun way.

We are a WORSHIP community. We WORSHIP God through our class prayers, school Masses, music, assemblies, class prayer and worship services, through our actions and through the way we live and treat each other.

We are a WITNESS community. We WITNESS a loving, caring God in the way we live, the way we treat each other and in the way we care about other people who do not have as much as we have.

We are a WELFARE community. The WELFARE of pupils and adults is paramount. We show this in the way we treat one another fairly and equally and the way we respect each other. In our school we want everyone to feel safe and know they are valued as unique and made in the image and likeness of God.

Friday 1st March Celebration assembly at 2.45pm all are welcome to join us.